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Airline Source

With Airline Source you now have last seat availability on the participating airline in Worldspan without additional keystrokes.


The # symbol preceding flights in Worldspan availability indicates the airline is an Airline Source participant. The flights show true availability obtained from their airline inventory.


For a list of all Worldspan Airline Source participants see, HELP AP AIR.


HELP XX0 is also available for further information.  (XX = two letter airline code)


INFO PART offers additional information regarding the eight levels of airline participation in the Worldspan system.

New Airline Source Airlines                          Release Date
KD Avia (KD)                                               11JUN08
Wideroe Airlines (WF )                                 05JUN08
Qatar Airways (QR)                                     28MAY08
Dragon Air  (KA)                                          08APR08
Aerosvit Airlines                                           01APR08
LAN Ecuador (XL)                                         24JAN08
LAN Argentina (4M)                                      22JAN08
LAN Peru Airlines (LP)                                 17JAN08       
LAN Airlines (LA)                                         15JAN08
Skyking Airlines (RU)                                   02AUG07
Air Transat (TS)                                           26JUN07
Middle East Airlines (ME)                             21JUN07
US Helicopter (UH)                                      14JUN07  
Alaska Airlines (AS)                                    13JUN07
Sun Country (SY)                                        25APR07
Cathay (CX)                                                18JAN07
Egypt Air (MS)                                            14DEC07

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