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Book a Hotel and Check-in the Same Day!
Hotel Select - timing that makes a difference

Hotel Select has been enhanced to offer Same Day Booking to all Worldspan Go! users and on-line agencies. Same Day Booking provides agents west of the Eastern time zone (ET) the ability to service travellers requiring same day accommodations.

Agents are able to request hotel availability (HA) using a “green screen” date minus one entry. For example, the command would read: >HA1. The request would then be sent to the hotel database for retrieval and availability. Although the property for the date is listed, it is still up to the hotelier to determine if the requested property is for sale.

 Prior to this enhancement, the Worldspan system used 12:01am ET as the cut off time for same day hotel availability and booking requests regardless of the properties’ local time. For many agencies, especially those that manage corporate travel, this limitation required them to go outside the GDS to continue the booking, necessitating the creation of a manual travel segment for back office. This new features provides agencies with the added flexibility to meet the needs of their travellers, while allowing them to keep the booking within the GDS for accurate accounting and commission.

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