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Direct Access


The following information is offered via Direct Access.





Flight Service Information





Refer to the individual airline pages for specific access.


Use @XX@ for all Direct Access entries.  HELP XX0 is also available for further information. (XX = two letter airline code)


INFO PART offers additional information regarding the eight levels of airline participation in the Worldspan system.

New Direct Access Airlines          Release Date
Croatia Airlines                       24JUN08
Miat Mongolian Airlines                17JUN08
Estonian Airlines                      10JUN08
Uzbekistan Airways                     03JUN08
Sata Air Acores                        22MAY08
Sata International Airlines            15MAY08
KD AVIA                                13MAY08
Air Caledoni                           12Feb08
Montenegro Airlines (YM)               05FEB08 
FlyLAL (TE)                            30JAN08
DTA TAAG Angola (DT)                   30OCT07
Express Jet (XE)                       12SEP07
Virgin Nigeria (VK)                    28AUG07
Azerbaijan Airlines (J2)               21AUG07
Albanian Airlines (LV)                 02AUG07 
Condor Flug (DE)                       30JUL07
Japan Transocean (NU)                  19JUL07
JAL Express (JC)                       17JUL07
US Helicopter (UH)                     14JUN07
Middle East Airlines (ME)              14JUN07
Air Burkina (2J)                       15MAY07
Air Moldova (9U)                       24APR07
Sky Airline (H2)                       10APR07
Air Martin (MP)                        02APR07
Air Sahara (S2)                        06MAR07
Aeromar (VW)                           15FEB07 
Mesa Airlines (YV)                     06FEB07

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