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Exclusive Travelport Rapid Reprice™
Enhanced to facilitate NW and DL Integration, minimize disruption and costs.

Travelport has enhanced Rapid Reprice to process NW migrated PNRs.  As a Rapid Reprice user you have exclusive access to the same industry leading re-pricing technology Travelport has developed for the world’s largest airlines. 

Travelport and Delta Air Lines worked together to provide you access to the same solution used by Delta worldwide to re-price NW migrated PNRs.  Now, when  you need to make a voluntary change on a migrated PNR, you can have the confidence Rapid Reprice will quickly and accurately re-price the itinerary. 

Rapid Reprice now processes: 

  • NW ETR coupons with a status of “Airport Control”
  • The (4-DI) Document Instruction Line by adding NW as the validating carrier  
  • NW migrated PNRs without any extra key strokes

For additional information on the Travelport Rapid Reprice enhancement please click here to read Product Advisory 902 Travelport Rapid Reprice processing for NW to DL migrated PNRs.  For additional information on the NW/DL Integration, please click here to read the latest communication from DL. 


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