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Urgent Security Announcement
Look out for deceptive activities!
Travelport has recently become aware of apparent attempts to defraud certain travel agencies. There are reports that several travel agencies in North America and Europe have received phone calls from individuals representing themselves as either GDS or travel supplier representatives and asking for information about:

  • Recent bookings made
  • Credit cards used in transactions
  • System login user IDs, travel agency identifiers, and passwords
  • Other secure information that is known only by the agency.

We want to make you aware of these incidents so that you can take appropriate precautions. Such precautions include advising your agents about the recommended means of dealing with a caller requesting confidential or private information.

Should you receive a call similar to those described above or that you believe is suspicious, please obtain the caller's contact information and report the incident immediately to us through your usual service and support process. You should also consider contacting your local law enforcement.

Travelport is committed to protecting the security of the personal data about your customers. We encourage you to remain vigilant to any threats to your information security.

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