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Direct Response

The following is an example of a Direct Response from the airline after a *DR entry.  



The above example indicates the airline (XX) received Worldspan’s booking (HDQXX) and the record locator (M06BJG) is from the airlines computer system.


For more information on Direct Response, refer to INFO *DR.  For a list of Direct Response participants please to HELP DR AIR.  INFO PART offers additional information regarding the eight levels of airline participation in the Worldspan system.

New Direct Response Airlines           Release Date
Air Italy (I9)                            27JUN08
Vladivostok Air(XF)                       25JUN08
Cape Air (9K)                             17JUN08
Croatia Air (OU)                          20MAY08
Provincial (PB)                           05MAY08
Aer Arann (RE)                            02MAY08
SkyEurope (NE)                            07APR08
Yemenia (IY)                              07APR08                      
Mongolian Air (OM)                        27MAR08
Air Saint Pierre (PJ)                     27MAR08
East Star Air (8C)                        20MAR08

Shandong Airlines (SC)                    12MAR08
Freedom Air (FP)                          10MAR08
Star Airlines (8C)                        06MAR08

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