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Ticketless Payment

Ticketless payment is a Worldspan process used to facilitate fulfillment on ticketless carriers.


Ticketless carriers require agents to provide form of payment information in an SSR OTHS item in the PNR. Please consult the carrier’s GRS pages for details. (G/AIR/XX0)


The ticketless carrier processes the credit card charge or other form of payment and updates the PNR or other records to indicate passenger entitlement to travel. No ticket paper or electronic is issued by or for a ticketless carrier.


The following ticketless carriers provide distribution through Worldspan.

Code    Airline Name                                          GRS Reference

 MW    Mokulele Airlines                                      G/AIR/MW0

 8P      Pacific Coastal                                         G/AIR/8P0
 VQ     Vintage Props and Jets                             G/AIR/VQ0
 GL      Air Greenland                                           G/AIR/GL0
 G3      GOL Airlines                                            G/AIR/G30
 U5      USA5000                                                 G/AIR/U50
 Y0      Yellow Air Taxi                                         G/AIR/Y00
 B6      Jetblue                                                    G/AIR/B60

 XP      XTRA Airways                                          G/AIR/XP0

 FL      Airtan Airways                                          G/AIR/FL0

 4N      Air North                                                  G/AIR/4N0

 MO     Calm Air                                                  G/AIR/M00

 J3       Northwestern                                           G/AIR/J30

 5G      Sky Service                                             G/AIR/5G0

 WS     WestJet                                                  G/AIR/WS0

 C4      Aerolinas MesoAmericanas                       G/AIR/C40

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