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Worldspan VacationSelectSM

 Worldspan VacationSelect provides travel agencies in North America with a lucrative connection to the renowned VAX VacationAccess® System – a true powerhouse in online tour and vacation distribution. With VacationSelect, you are linked to a wealth of travel options, competitive pricing, negotiated rates, exclusive hot deals, agency incentives and more.

VacationSelect provides our North American customers a connection to VAX VacationAccess® for online tour and vacation distribution.


  • Provides dynamic, Web-based access to many tour and vacation brands, including attractive flight and hotel inventories.
  • Includes the ability to search, plan, book, modify or cancel tour packages directly within a tour operator’s internal reservation system.
  • Provides instant access to last-minute availability and sale prices, as well as comprehensive sales and marketing features.


  • Our easy-to-use, browser-based shopping and booking platform simplifies leisure travel planning.
  • Every booking generates a PNR in the Worldspan by Travelport™ system for complete integration with travel agency back-office and accounting systems.
  • Modifications in VacationSelect automatically update or cancel PNRs.


  • VacationSelect requires a unique login ID and password. Registration is available to travel agency owners or office managers via Worldspan Go!®