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Travelport Cruise & Tour™

Travelport Cruise & Tour is a Web-based leisure shopping and booking system that gives U.S. travel agencies instant access to packages from the world’s leading cruise lines and tour operators. You can shop and book with confidence through real-time connections to suppliers for up-to-the-minute information, details and pricing.


  • Shop and compare amongst multiple suppliers and destinations, access multiple rate types (negotiated, past passenger and Internet-only rates), create bookings, check payment status and much more – all from a single source
  • Close sales faster using advanced quote-building features to create online brochures and e-mail quotes for travellers – allowing them to view ship, cabin and itinerary details in photos and HTML graphics
  • Build leisure sales using a fully integrated lead distribution system through which leads can be priortised and distributed based on agent type and skill set


  • Stay on top of leisure business with 24/7 system access for bookings and updates, and easy access for remote employees through any Internet connection 
  • Save time, improve efficiency and increase profitability using a single online portal with intelligent price comparison capabilities
  • Meet every deadline with automated reminders for call-backs, follow-up tasks and final payment reminders 
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and ensure smooth handoff to your back-office system with controlled automated PNR creation upon booking


  • Registration, a unique login ID and password are required for Travelport GDS customers in the United States (coming soon in Canada)
  • Access and register through


Interface to TRAMS Live Connect

Travelport Cruise and Tour has been designed to interface directly to the TRAMS ClientBase Res Card "Live Connect" feature; which, integrates with supplier web sites and electronically passes the login and client data to Travelport Cruise and Tour. Reservation data is seamlessly imported back into ClientBase to print itineraries, generate invoices and store travel history.


For instruction on how to implement Travelport Cruise and Tour with Live Connect simply go to and select the Live Connect link on the left side of screen. Then select Travelport Cruise and Tour to view or print the instructions.


Questions related to Live Connect should be directed to