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Worldspan SecuRate® Air

Worldspan SecuRate Air is the travel industry’s most powerful solution for managing negotiated fares. Its effective, flexible technologies for storing, updating or distributing vast amounts of fare and rule data can completely automate your negotiated fares program.


  • SecuRate Air is a key component of Worldspan by Travelport™’s industry-leading Fares and Pricing suite.
  • Flexible technology integrates with Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) to allow you to take advantage of carrier-filed automated fares and rules.
  • You can simultaneously employ Worldspan SecuRate® Air Plus, a Web tool that gives you the internal ability to create and control your own negotiated fares databases.


  • Reflects all fares, including private, published and Web fares, in one integrated display – within seconds.
  • Integrates with Worldspan Automated Rules to provide up-to-the minute validation.
  • Interfaces with Worldspan’s tax package to ensure up-to-date taxes are applied.
  • Manages fares through multiple ATPCO categories, including: Category 31 (Voluntary Changes), Category 35 (Net Fares), Category 15 (Private Fares) and Category 25 (Fare by Rule).
  • Places security controls on view, sell, ticketing and redistribution functions.


  • Worldspan SecuRate Air is offered under terms and conditions that are provided to prospective customers on request.