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Travelport Rapid Reprice™
Travelport Rapid Reprice automates the complex, time-consuming itinerary re-pricing function through an exclusive pricing engine and comprehensive fares and pricing database. Using Rapid Reprice, travel agencies, corporations and online travel providers employ the same technology used by the world’s largest airlines to research old and new fares and rules, and generate a new, accurately priced ticket in less than one minute.


  • Debit memos are virtually eliminated due to superior data integrity and re-pricing accuracy.
  • The newly calculated price reflects appropriate taxes, additional collections, refunds, penalties or administrative fees.
  • Speed, accuracy and efficiency during the ticket re-pricing process lower travel agency operational costs per re-booking, and also build customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Travelport Rapid Reprice works across multiple GDS applications through various messaging solutions.
  • Re-pricing options include as-booked, low fare finder and shopping requests. Agents and consumers are able to change dates, flights and city pairs, including adding new destinations to their change requests.


  • Rapid Reprice integrates fare and rule categories from SITA and Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO), including Category 31 (Voluntary Changes), Category 35 (Net Fares), Category 15 (Private Fares) and Category 25 (Fare-by-Rule).
  • The number of keystrokes involved in re-pricing a ticket drops from approximately 500 to less than 10.
  • Rapid Reprice processes PNRs containing up to nine passengers, four different Passenger Type Codes (PTC) and 16 itinerary segments (group and C/PNRs currently do not qualify).
  • Our advanced re-pricing tool integrates with industry-leading Worldspan SecuRate® Air negotiated fares management solutions. This ensures private fares and rules are incorporated into the re-pricing process.


  • Valid for subscribers who use Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) exchange formats or BSP exchange formats
  • Travelport GDS system agreement required.
  • A messaging solution is required for non-Galileo or Worldspan system users to communicate between your system and Worldspan.