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Travelport ViewTrip™
Travelport ViewTrip is a secure Web site accessed by travellers who hold a Worldspan by Travelport™ booking record. ViewTrip is your single source online authority for traveller itinerary and electronic ticketing needs. Travellers can access personalized itineraries and electronic tickets anytime, from any Internet-enabled location, free of charge.

ViewTrip offers 24/7 online access to detailed, personal itineraries to travellers who hold a Worldspan booking record.


  • Travellers have 24/7 online access to personal itineraries, electronic ticket records and electronic expense receipts, including the ability to retrieve, review, print and e-mail data.
  • Multiple language capabilities are available:
    • Customers of Worldspan users can choose among 10 language preferences 
  • Complete PNR segment and destination information can be accessed via ViewTrip, including flight confirmation numbers, departure and arrival times, electronic ticket information, flight duration and mileage, on-time flight status, meal information, hotels, car rentals, destination maps, weather, driving directions and more.
  • Phone enquiries to travel agencies for details, and airlines for departure/arrival information, are eliminated, improving productivity for agencies and airlines.
  • Integrated Online Check-In from participating airlines is available to Worldspan customers, currently from British Airways and Midwest Airlines, with more carriers planned.


  • Generates an e-mail to the traveller at the booking agent’s request, once an itinerary has been booked
  • Allows Worldspan users to brand ViewTrip displays with their logos, announce special promotions and more
  • Increases efficiency and productivity for Worldspan users by empowering travellers to obtain and verify pertinent itinerary information online


  • Accessible through Internet Explorer version 6.0 and higher
  • To customise Travelport ViewTrip itinerary displays with a logo, Worldspan users are required to create a profile at the ViewTrip Web site (