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Travel Documentation

An expansive array of travel document production and distribution capabilities keep travel agents on the leading edge in accommodating travelers on a worldwide scale.

Daily Documentation Log (DDL)

The Worldspan Daily Documentation Log (DDL) is an office administration tool that allows reconciliation of each day's ticketing activity. This easy-to-use product keeps track of daily transactions and retains the information online for an 11-day period. ARC Reporting is another product available to DDL customers. Two other products designed to complete the documentation audits are the weekly Void Report, used to track both cash and credit sales, and the ATB Stock Control Report, which tracks coupon-by-coupon usage of ATB stock.

Document History

Document History automatically stores key information in the passenger name record (PNR) about each accountable document issued.

Electronic Ticketing

Electronic Ticketing enables ticketless travel for customers who prefer to travel without traditional paper tickets. It is convenient for travelers, and it helps reduce costs associated with ticket distribution. Additionally, travel agents can instantly handle refunds, exchanges and cancellations, since customers don't need to return tickets for processing. Per an IATA mandate, all transactions must be E-Ticket eligible by the end of 2007.

Itinerary/Invoice Form

The needs of our customers differ by a range of diverse requirements. Worldspan developed five versions of a basic Itinerary/Invoice Form  with more than 70 optional features to support agency and client needs. We also offer the option of producing a pocket itinerary, the conveniently sized quick reference to a traveler's complete itinerary.

Travel Agency Service Fee (TASF) for BSP and Service Fee Automated MCOs

Worldspan's Travel Agency Service Fee (TASF) for BSP and Service Fee Automated MCO are simple, automated means of charging clients a fee for travel agency services. Our enhanced EZ documentation package allows agents to add a new option to the EZ documentation entry to issue a service fee. It automatically includes the amount to charge each ticketed passenger and issues a ticket with the reflected MCO and any other request specified in the EZ options field.