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ScriptPro Updates

Worldspan Scripts have the power to automate complex reservation functions, reduce keystrokes, increase accuracy and ensure consistent levels of service. 

Before You Begin

  • This process downloads the newest version of the ScriptPro Scripts from Worldspan to your office. 
  • If you are networked and have more than one file server, you will need to download the scripts on each file server.
  • If you are not networked, you will need to download the scripts on every PC
  • Be sure that any Worldspan script that has been customized has been assigned a new name—existing Worldspan scripts will be overwritten.
  • Scripts should not be running or paused during this process.
  • Be advised that downloading scripts can take some time. Once you start, you should not stop the process.

To meet the various needs of our users, we have included download instructions in the following languages: 

  • English
  • En Español
  • Em Português
  • Script Support

    Phone support is available 24/7.  From your Worldspan system, access INFO HELP DESKS for instructions and information. 

    E-mail support is available to answer questions via The Knowledge Center.  Your SID (Subscriber Identification Number) and IATA, BSP or ARC number are required for login.  

    Download Instructions:

    Step 1 - Sign into Go! Res  

    Step 2 - Install

    • From the Worldspan (top) banner
      • Select 'Tools'
      • Select 'Scripts'
      • Select 'Get Standard ScriptPro Scripts'
      • Select Download Standard Scripts button
      • Select Run/Open
    • Various displays appear, do not do anything until prompted to select "Back, Next, or Cancel", Select "Next" twice to continue.
    • Download is complete when a Setup Information Message box appears stating "The Worldspan Standard ScriptPro scripts are now installed."  Select "OK"
    • It may take a couple seconds for the Winzip Self Extractor Message box to close automatically,  click anywhere or select Cancel.

    Step 3 - Install Information

    • The system automatically installs the files for you. You do not need to interact with this page. 
    • Information on the page includes the following:
      • Identifies the folder and location of the files
      • Monitors the completion of the copying
    • Additional buttons are displayed on this screen. If you select any one of these buttons while the installation is running, you receive the following error message: "Abort unzip operation?”.  Click 'No' to return to the installation. Those buttons are: 
      • 'Close'
      • 'About'
      • 'Help'

    Step 4 - Confirm

    • Select 'Script Index' from the Worldspan (top) banner.
    • Select 'Misc' tab from the options.
    • Select 'ScriptPro Menu' from the list.
    • The most current version is listed at the top of the menu in red. If the most current version does not display, 'exit' the script, select the Refresh button, and select the ScriptPro Menu script again.